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Epiphone EJ200CE - Ref 204

Epiphone EJ200 CE Electro Acoustic Guitar

2005 Peerless Korean + Hardcase 

Epiphone EJ200 CE
Electro Acoustic Jumbo Guitar
Circa - 2005 - Peerless Plant
With Hardcase

This is a rare find!
A real gem of an electro acoustic in excellent condition.
And with a hardcase!

An Epiphone EJ200 with a built in Shadow Pickup,
made at the right time in the right place,
this beautiful instrument was crafted
in the legendary Peerless Plant in Korea,
which makes this a highly desirable guitar.
Built in 2005, serial number R05050472,
Peerless Plant, Korea.
Guitars from this time and factory are well known for their high quality and finish and they always increase in value.
Please do not mistake this for the new, lesser quality EJ200's made in China and Indonesia etc.

A beautiful blonde finish with the iconic moustache bridge complimented by all gold hardware, this is a stunning guitar !

This guitar has gold grover machine heads which look stunning and provide excellent tuning stability!

The solid maple neck has a rosewood fingerboard
and is a pleasure to play.

In preparation for sale the guitar has received the following:-
- Frets polished
- Fretboard cleaned, lemon oiled and conditioned
- Restrung on 26/09/2013 with Martin 11 gauge strings
- String height set at 3mm at 12th fret, Bass side
- 2.4mm at 12th fret, Treble side
- Correct saddle height adjustment
- Correct neck relief adjustment
- all electrics checked
- all hardware including screws have been removed,
cleaned, lightly oiled and reassembled
- Full body and neck cleaned and polished

Overall condition is excellent for a used guitar.
You would expect to find general playing wear on
a guitar of this age, but you would be hard pressed
to find any play wear to speak of, other than a few
very light pick marks across the scratchplate,
and even then, so few, that you would be able to count them. The design on the scratchplate is clear with no
signs of wear, which is very rare in a guitar of this age.
The condition is a complete credit to it's previous owner and was sold to me as it basically was just not being used.
The hardcase is a brand new Spider
jumbo hardcase (RRP £44.99).

If there is anything I have missed picture wise, please
let me know and I will do my best to add it to the listing.

You will not be disappointed with this guitar !!

Any other questions regarding the guitar,
please do not hesitate to ask.
I will endeavour to answer all queries within 2 hours
during working hours or please feel free to
contact Paul on 07977 977937.