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Epiphone Casino - Ref 222

Epiphone Casino Semi Acoustic Guitar
1996 Peerless Korean + Hardcase 

Epiphone Casino
Semi Acoustic Electric Guitar
With Hardcase
-Circa 1996-
Peerless Korean

What a guitar to own...
A guitar from the "Golden Era"

This is the real deal when it comes to semi-acoustics,
an Epiphone Casino, aged and played in...

The true hollow body guitar.

Serial number R96M 0353.
Epiphone Casino's are very iconic guitars
and extremely sort after.
This beautiful guitar was made in 1996 at the
famous Peerless Plant, Korea
Guitars from this factory are highly regarded,
extremely well made and will only increase in value.
Please do not mistake this for the new
lesser quality Chinese models.

Built in 1996 this guitar's wood has 18 years of ageing,
so it now has a sound that literally cannot be replicated.

A real piece of quality....

...thin line fully hollow maple body with a beautiful
Vintage sunburst finish, that looks absolutely stunning
against the chrome hardware and a tastefully aged
original white scratchplate, including vintage style
kluson machine heads and a body binding that's taken
on a lovely creamy colour with age...
This is a gorgeous guitar!

Two P90 dog eag pickups for that authentic casino sound, combined with the aged wood the guitar
sounds really, really beautiful.

A very cool looking and sounding guitar!

In preparation for sale the guitar has received the following:-
- Frets polished
- Fretboard cleaned, lemon oiled and conditioned
- Restrung on 20/03/2014 with 10 Rotosound strings
- String height set at 2.4mm at 17th fret, Bass side
- 2mm at 17th fret, Treble side
- Correct saddle height adjustment
- Correct neck relief adjustment
- all electrics checked
- all hardware including screws have been removed,
cleaned, lightly oiled and reassembled
- Full body and neck cleaned and polished

Overall condition is very good indeed for a
18 year old used guitar. Originally purchased in Liverpool
by a man who loved the Beatles sound but somehow
never found the time to learn to play seriously and
in the main always kept the guitar in it's hardcase.
There is nothing that detracts from the overall appearance of the guitar and definitely nothing that affects it's playability.
Everything works as it should and there is
no noticeable fretwear. In the interests of honesty,
there is one small mark on the front of the guitar
near the controls as shown in the photos.

The original Epiphone hard case is included with the guitar and is also in very good condition for an used case.

You will not be disappointed with this guitar !!

Any other questions regarding the guitar,
please do not hesitate to ask.

 I will endeavour to answer all queries within 2 hours
during working hours or please feel free to
contact Paul on 07977 977937.