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Westone Thunder 1A LH - Ref 186

Westone Thunder 1A Left Handed Electric Guitar 
Matsumoku - with hardcase

Westone Thunder 1A
Left Handed Electric Guitar
Circa - 1984-
With Hardcase

Built in the now legendary Matsumoku factory,
Japan in 1984, serial number 4062483.
Guitars from this time and factory are
well known for their high quality and finish,
and this guitar is as good as any they have produced.
This guitar is generally regarded as being years ahead
of it's time and now becoming increasingly collectable.

In fact I own 2 myself!

The guitar has a laminated ash, maple and walnut body
in a beautiful Light Oak finish and a 3 ply maple neck
with a rosewood fingerboard.
The Westone branded machine heads are in chrome
with the rest of the hardware, including saddles,
control knobs and bridge is solid brass.

The guitar has a wide range of functions and is able
to cover most, if not all genres of music.
There is simply nothing this guitar can't do!

The amount of tonal possibilities are too numerous to list here. Please see the following website for more information.

In preparation for sale the guitar has received the following:-
- Frets polished
- Fretboard cleaned, lemon oiled and conditioned
- Restrung on 08/05/2013 with 9 gauge strings
- String height set at 2.4mm at 17th fret, Bass side
- 2mm at 17th fret, Treble side
- Correct saddle height adjustment
- Correct neck relief adjustment
- New batteries fitted for the active pickups
- all electrics checked
- all hardware including screws have been removed,
cleaned, lightly oiled and reassembled
- Full body and neck cleaned and polished

Overall condition is very good for a used guitar
of 29 years old. General playing wear to be expected
but nothing that detracts from the overall
appearance and sound of the guitar.
The guitar was originally bought a long time ago
by someone who had the intention of learning to play. Needless to say, they never got around to taking lessons
and therefore the guitar is in much better condition
than you would expect for it's age,
but bear in mind, not new (29 years old.)
The only thing of any note, is that the control
that switches the pickups from passive to active
looks like it has been changed at some point
and is slightly longer than the other two,
however it works perfectly and actually makes it
easier to switch pickups when
playing the guitar stood up.

 As a left handed player myself, I have had the privilege of being able to play this guitar prior to preparing for sale,
and can confirm that it plays every bit as
good as a Matsumoku guitar should.

 The brand new Adrenaline hardcase is included in the sale with a RRP of £59.00 and includes 2 keys.

 If there is anything I have missed picture wise, please
let me know and I will do my best to add it to the listing.

You will not be disappointed with this guitar !!

Any other questions regarding the guitar,
please do not hesitate to ask.

I will endeavour to answer all queries within 2 hours
during working hours or please feel free to
contact Paul on 07977 977937.