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Epiphone Supernova - Ref 184

Epiphone Supernova Union Jack
Electric Guitar 2001 Korean + Hardcase 

Epiphone Supernova
Semi Acoustic
Electric Guitar
- circa 2001 -

This is the real deal when it comes to semi acoustics.
The iconic and unmistakeable
Noel Gallagher signature model !

Your chance to own a piece of Rock n Roll history.

Serial number S01094319.
Built in 2001 in the legendary Samick Plant, Korea.
Guitars from this time and factory are
well known for their high quality and finish.

Only the best materials used on these signature models, even down to the screws!

so . . .
What's the Story?
This guitar was purchased from new in 2001
by it's one previous owner who has cared for
and looked after this guitar since purchasing from his
local music shop in Manchester.
It is in what I would describe as, lightly used condition with
no visible signs of use to the front of the guitar and
minor signs of use on the rear of the guitar,
none of which can be seen when
the guitar is played or displayed.

The Noel Gallagher signature on the scratchplate
is clearly visible and is in keeping with the rest of the guitar. All in all I would describe it as a credit to
it's one previous owner, but as I always say,
this is a 12 year old guitar and the
above description is my opinion.
I have sold plenty of these guitars in the past and
this is pretty much as good as any of them.

Included with the guitar is the original Epiphone hardcase, also in excellent condition
with the two original keys still present.

Any other questions regarding the guitar,
please do not hesitate to ask.

I will endeavour to answer all queries within 2 hours
during working hours or please feel free to contact
Paul on 07977 977937.