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Epiphone Riviera Matsumoku - Ref 198

Epiphone Riviera Matsumoku Semi Acoustic Guitar 1985 MIJ

Matsumoku Epiphone Riviera
Semi Acoustic Guitar
With Hardcase
-Circa 1985-

What a guitar to own...

This is the real deal when it comes to guitars,
an Epiphone Riviera, aged and played in...

Serial number 5033103
This beautiful guitar was made in 1985
at the famous Matsumoku Plant, Japan.
Guitars from this factory are highly regarded,
extremely well made and will only increase in value.
These are by far one of the most ,
if not THE most, popular guitars of the Epiphone MIJ era,
the one everyone wants to own.

Built in 1985 this guitar's wood has 28 years of ageing,
so it now has a sound that literally cannot be replicated.

A real piece of quality....

...thin line hollow body with a tobacco burst finish,
that looks absolutely stunning against the
chrome hardware and original white scratchplate,
including vintage gotoh style machine heads and a body binding that's taken on a lovely creamy colour with age...
This is a gorgeous guitar!

The bridge has been replaced with an upgraded roller bridge. I will include the original bridge in the sale.

The guitar also comes with two sets of control dials.
Vintage style black witches hats dials with silver inserts (which I believe are the original ones the
guitar would have left the factory with)
and a set of gold top hat dials with silver inserts
which seems to have been a 
popular modification over the years.
Personally I think the guitar looks great with either set.

Two original classic full size humbuckers
for authentic vintage tone,
correctly marked on the back MMK61,
combined with the aged wood
the guitar sounds really, really beautiful.

In preparation for sale the guitar has received the following:-
- Frets polished
- Fretboard cleaned, lemon oiled and conditioned
- Restrung on 28/07/2013 with 10 gauge strings
- String height set at 2.4mm at 17th fret, Bass side
- 2mm at 17th fret, Treble side
- Correct saddle height adjustment
- Correct neck relief adjustment
- all electrics checked
- all hardware including screws have been removed,
cleaned, lightly oiled and reassembled
- Full body and neck cleaned and polished

This guitar is in very good condition considering
it is 28 years old. It has always been kept in
it's hardcase, (which does show signs of wear).
There is nothing that detracts from the overall appearance of the guitar and definitely nothing that affects it's playability. Everything works as it should and there is only
a small amount of fretwear, but nothing
you wouldn't expect from a guitar of this age.
The headstock has one or two minor paint chips
that look to have been touched in at some point,
but like the fretwear, nothing that would put you off
buying the guitar. I only mention these things,
in the interest of being honest.
 The genuine Epiphone hard case, with the large gold "E" logo, is included with the guitar and has one key.

 In summary, I would say this is a good, honest guitar
that is becoming increasingly rare and
harder to find in original condition.
Not a museum piece but would serve someone
well for years and years to come.

You will not be disappointed with this guitar !!

Any other questions regarding the guitar,
please do not hesitate to ask.
I will endeavour to answer all queries within 2 hours
during working hours or please feel free to
contact Paul on 07977 977937.