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Epiphone Casino MIJ - Ref 171

Epiphone Casino Semi Acoustic Electric Guitar
1984 Matsumoku + Hardcase

Epiphone Casino Semi Acoustic
Electric Guitar with Original Hardcase!
- Circa 1984 -

What a guitar to own...
This is the real deal when it comes to semi acoustics !!
The true hollow body
The iconic and unmistakeable player's favourite !

Serial number 4013446.
Epiphone Casino’s are very iconic guitars
and extremely sort after.
This beautiful guitar was made in 1984
at the infamous Matsumoku plant, Japan.

Guitars from this factory are highly regarded
and extremely well made. 

Please do not mistake this for the newer Chinese version.

Built in 1984 this guitar's wood has 28 years of ageing,
so it now has a sound that just cannot be replicated.

A real piece of quality....

Thin line maple body
fully hollow body teamed with the P90 dog ear
humbucker pick ups for that authentic casino sound
and it sounds unreal !!!

 With a magnificent antique sunburst finish
and a white scratch plate that looks
stunning against the colour of the body.

 Shown in the neck pocket is the number 79
which is the production number,
and the
 inspector's name stamp.

A very cool looking and sounding guitar
that has to be seen to be believed!!

And it's very comfortable to play for any level of musician...
Very low action!
The string height on the guitar has been set as....
Bass strings at the 17th fret, 2.4mm
Treble at the 17th fret, 2mm

All chrome hardware
that looks stunning against the colour of the body.
The guitar also has retro chrome deluxe style tuning pegs providing excellent tuning stability !!

The guitar has been professionally
- cleaned
- polished
- waxed
also re-strung on the 14/09/12
with D'Addario 10 gauge strings

Clean and ready to be played!

Condition is very good indeed for a used guitar.
The guitar was bought in Rushworths, Liverpool
in November 1984 from new, and is an
absolute credit to it's one previous owner.
Condition wise, I would describe the guitar as being
There is no damage, no signs of abuse etc,
there is what I would call, light signs of use
as you would expect to find on any 28 year old guitar.

The previous owner has had two upgrades / improvements carried out on the guitar by Luthiers KGB Music.
He has had the original Epiphone bridge
replaced in the early 90's to a roller bridge

and the pickup's wax potted by the same firm
to eliminate feedback and vibration.

(Please see for more info on wax potting)

 Apologises that my photos
do not do this beautiful guitar justice.

 Any other questions regarding the guitar,
please do not hesitate to ask.
I will endeavour to answer all queries within 2 hours
during working hours or please feel free to
contact Paul on 07977 977937.